Student Welfare

Graduate life can be stressful, but we have a number of systems and resources to help you thrive physically and mentally during your degree. As well as the student community in Nuffield, which provides a valuable source of mutual support on both academic and personal issues, the College has a dedicated team of people who are able to offer welfare support.

The Senior Tutor is generally responsible for students’ academic and personal welfare and provides advice, help and support for students. In addition, Nuffield also has a part-time professional College Counsellor, who is available to offer confidential counselling, support and advice to all students and staff. Students can also discuss academic and personal concerns with the College’s Equality and Diversity Fellow, the JCR Welfare Representatives, the College’s team of Harassment Advisors, or the Junior Dean.

In addition to the Welfare team, all students at Nuffield are assigned a College Supervisor who, in addition to providing academic support, can also be a good point of contact for personal welfare and can offer advice and support on pastoral matters.

There is also a College Doctor, and an opportunity for new students to register with the College’s link GP Surgery is provided during the College induction session at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.

The College and University are committed to making appropriate arrangements to enable students with disabilities to participate fully in student life.


The University and Colleges view applications from students with disabilities in exactly the same way as those from other candidates. Prospective student applicants with disabilities are encouraged to contact the University Disability Office in advance of applying, in order to assist them in making their choice of college and subject of study.

Successful applicants who may require special arrangements are encouraged to contact or visit Nuffield soon after they receive a College offer in order to discuss their needs. In the first instance contact the Senior Tutor, who can arrange if required for additional staff to attend if the student is paying a visit, to view facilities and discuss specific accommodation, support and study needs.

The Senior Tutor is the College’s Disability Lead and responsible for co-ordinating the College’s provision for students with disabilities. Any student with disability-related queries or concerns is encouraged to contact the Senior Tutor for a confidential discussion.