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7-8 April 2022

The Peter Sinclair Memorial Conference was organised jointly by NuCamp and the University of Birmingham.

15-16 June 2021

The 2nd Virtual Oxford NuCamp PhD Workshop was organised by Alex Haas, Matt McKernan and Tatjana Schulze.

20-21 May 2021

Hugo Hopenhayn (UCLA) gave the keynote speech at the "2nd Conference on Firm Heterogeneity and the Macroeconomy". Programme.

November 2020

The team behind NuCamp has been in lockdown like everyone else, but we have been busy with our research, teaching, and giving seminars online. Here are some new papers we’d love to get comments on:

"The Economic Impact of Recession Announcements" (Martin Ellison)

"The Transmission of Keynesian Supply Shocks" (Andrea Ferrero)

"Beyond Pangloss: Financial Sector Origins of Inefficient Economic Booms" (Michael McMahon)

15-16 June 2020

John Haltiwanger gave the keynote speech at the "Firm Heterogeneity and the Macroeconomy" conference.

2 June 2020

NuCamp is delighted to be supporting the Economics Observatory, a new initiative from the ESRC and our Deputy Director Michael McMahon that will answer all your questions about the economics of the corona crisis.

1 June 2020

Andrea Ferrero gave the inaugural Qatar Center for Central Banking & Finance Seminar on "House Price Dynamics, Optimal LTV Limits and the Liquidity Trap".

23-24 April 2020

The 1st NuCamp Virtual PhD Workshop was organised by our very own postgrads Julian Ashwin and Alistair Macaulay. We had 12 papers, 12 discussions, a keynote speech by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe (Columbia), and a panel advising on the job market with Laura Castillo-Martinez (Princeton), Basile Grassi (Bocconi), Eric Leeper (Virginia) and Michael McMahon (Oxford).

1 April 2020

NuCamp continues to influence monetary policy with the appointment of Deputy Director Andrea Ferrero to a Research Fellowship at the Bank of Finland. Andrea is the third NuCamp holder of the post in succession, following in the footsteps of Guido Ascari (NuCamp associate) and Martin Ellison (NuCamp Director)!

29 January 2020

NuCamp's Director Martin Ellison presented the Finnish Economic Policy Council's annual report in Helsinki. Video link.

16-17 December 2019

View the programme for NuCamp's third annual conference, held in Oxford.

26-27 September 2019

NuCamp co-organised the Fifth Oxford - Federal Reserve Bank of New York - Bank of England Monetary Economics Conference in Oxford. The programme for the conference can be found here.

September 2019

Andrea Ferrero gave a keynote presentation on "House Price Dynamics, Optimal LTV Limits and the Liquidity Trap" at the Durham Centre for Macroeconomic Policy (CEMAP) and MMF Research Group Workshop on "Too Much or Too Little Credit? Which Should Make us Worry More?" He also gave an invited talk on "Demographics and Real Interest Rates: A Global Perspective" at the joint Bank of Canada ECB conference on "The Future of the Global Economy: Policy Challenges and Opportunities for Central Banks"

11 June 2019

Michael McMahon made his first select committee appearance today as a member of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council.

16 May 2019


The Deputy Director of NuCamp, Andrea Ferrero, gave the Opening Lecture "International dynamics of real rates and outlook" at the Joint DNB/ECB workshop on the natural rate of interest.


The Director of NuCamp, Martin Ellison, was honoured to give the 1000th seminar in the School of Economics of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

1 May 2019

Irish Fiscal Advisory Council

The Deputy Director of NuCamp, Michael McMahon, has been appointed to the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council and will serve a four year term from April 18th 2019. Further details about the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council can be found here.

5-6 April 2019

A NuCamp-Saïd macro-finance conference on Money, Credit, and Financial Stability took place on April 5th-6th. Programme.

15 March 2019

The Wadham State of the Nation Conference: On State-Dependent Fiscal Policy took place on March 15th. Programme.

7 February 2019

Ministry of Finance

The Co-Director of NuCamp, Martin Ellison, has been nominated to the Economic Policy Council of Finland. The Council provides an independent evaluation of Finnish economic policy.

23 January 2019

Clare Lombardelli

We welcomed Clare Lombardelli, Director General and Chief Economic Advisor to the Treasury, to Oxford for an afternoon of stimulating discussions on current macroeconomic issues affecting the UK economy. We are delighted that Clare has agreed to become an Associate of NuCamp, and look forward to working with her to find ways of improving the interactions between policymakers and academics. Her talk on “Fiscal policy in practice” was delivered to a packed audience keen to hear more about what happens behind the scenes at the Treasury.

17 December 2018

View the programme for NuCamp's second annual conference, held in Oxford.

4 December 2018

Bank of Canada

NuCamp Associate, Paul Beaudry has been appointed as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada. He will be responsible for financial stability and share responsibility for monetary policy as a member of the Bank’s Governing Council. 

29 November 2018


Michael McMahon, Deputy Director of NuCamp, has been awarded a five-year consolidator grant from the European Research Council. He will work on the increasingly important role of central bank communication in economic policy. Read more about Michael here.

8 November 2018

Klaus Adam

We are very pleased that Klaus Adam has agreed to become a director of NuCamp. Klaus arrived at Nuffield college in September 2018 and is already providing valuable support to NuCamp’s activities and engagement. Read more about Klaus here.

27 September 2017

NuCamp co-organised the Fourth Oxford-Federal Reserve Bank of New York Monetary Economics Conference in Oxford. The programme for the conference can be found here.

9 July 2018

Professor Christopher Sims

Professor Christopher Sims from Princeton University was a guest at the Oxford-Indiana Macroeconomic Policy Conference in July 2018. The Nobel Prize-winning economist explained in his keynote address 'How to worry about government debt' that a central bank cannot maintain stable inflation unless it has fiscal backing. Sustained, unbacked fiscal expansion must eventually lead to inflation, regardless of monetary policy. The presentation generated a lively discussion in the audience of policymakers, academics and market participants. Updated slides from Professor Sims are available online. The full programme from the Oxford-Indiana conference is available online.

Credit: Royal Economic Society

4 April 2018

At the Royal Economic Society Conference on 28 March, NuCamp hosted a special session focused on the important issue of central bank transparency and communication. The session was chaired by Andrew Gurney (Senior Economic Advisor, HM Treasury) and comprised three presentations from Petra Geraats, Gareth Ramsey and Michael McMahon. Read more.

18-19 December 2017

NuCamp convened its first annual conference on 18 to 19 December 2017. Topics covered included macro-finance, unemployment, international monetary policy and taxation. The programme is available online.

24 November 2017

Several members of the NuCamp team visited the Mini Plant Oxford on November 24th 2017 to see how things have changed since Lord Nuffield started building cars at the site more than a hundred years ago. The body shell production is now almost completely automated by more than a thousand robots, but Lord Nuffield would still have recognised the Henry Ford-style mass production assembly line he pioneered in 1913 to produce his first Bullnose Morris cars. 

9 November 2017

Workshop: Taking Fiscal Policy Seriously

Find out about our one-day workshop focused on fiscal policy, debt management and fiscal rules.

28 September 2017

NuCamp co-organised the Third Oxford-Federal Reserve Bank of New York Monetary Economics Conference in Oxford. The programme for the conference can be found here.