Historical Social Mobility Seminar

Speaker: various

Please note this seminar will take place online

Papers and speakers for this seminar will be:

  • 'Surnames, Status and Schools: A Long-term View of the Social Ladder in Colombia' by Juliana Jaramillo-Echeverri (London School of Economics) with Andrés Álvarez (Universidad de los Andes)
  • 'The Impact of State-Provided Education: Evidence from the 1870 Education Act' by Benjamin Milner (University of Alberta)
  • 'Intergenerational Mobility in American History: Accounting for Race and Measurement Error' by Zach Ward (Baylor University)

The Historical Social Mobility Seminar series for Michaelmas Term 2020 is convened by Per Engzell, Giacomo Gabbuti and Juliana Jaramillo-Echeverri. For more information on the series this term, please email