Historical Social Mobility Seminar

Speaker: various

Please note this seminar will take place online

Papers and speakers for this seminar will be:

  • 'Occupational Status Attainment During Modernization: What Was the Role of Religion?' by Tymofii Brik (Kyiv School of Economics) with Ineke Maas and Marco van Leeuwen (Utrecht University)
  • 'The Role of Mothers on Female Labor Force Participation: An Approach Using Historical Parish Records' by Matilde P. Machado (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) with Jesus Carro and Ricardo Mora
  • 'Name-Based Estimators of Intergenerational Mobility' by Jan Stuhler (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) with Torsten Santavirta (Stockholm University)

The Historical Social Mobility Seminar series for Michaelmas Term 2020 is convened by Per Engzell, Giacomo Gabbuti and Juliana Jaramillo-Echeverri. For more information on the series this term, please email