Of men and microbes: Social determinants of the microbiome

  • 7 Jun 2018

    11:00-12:30, Clay Room, Nuffield College

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Speaker: Jennifer Beam Dowd

King's College

This event is part of the Sociology Seminar Series.

The structure and function of the vast array of microbial communities hosted by the human body (“microbiome”) is emerging as a novel contributor to variation in health outcomes. As links between the human microbiome and health emerge, social and behavioral approaches to understanding inter-individual variation in microbiome will be an important complement to microbiological and clinical research. In particular, social scientists can contribute expertise in the theory and measurement of how life course social, familial, and geographical contexts contribute to the microbiome and in turn how the microbiome may act as biological mediator of health disparities. This presentation will summarize current knowledge on social factors and the microbiome, present data from the TwinsUK and NYC-HANES studies, and discuss opportunities for future work in population-based studies.

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