College joins UNIQ+ graduate access programme for 2022

15 Jul 22

College joins UNIQ+ graduate access programme for 2022

Following Nuffield’s successful Undergraduate Scholars Institute pilot in 2019, the College joins forces with the University’s programme to improve graduate access to the social sciences.

Members of the College are delighted to welcome ten undergraduate students who will be using Nuffield as a base whilst they take part in the University’s UNIQ+ programme this summer.

The six-week programme, which started on Monday 4 July, sees undergraduate students work on a research project, attend skills sessions and learn more about graduate study.

UNIQ+ aims to improve access to postgraduate study by providing training and research experience for excellent UK students who fulfil one of several accessibility criteria. Students are offered free accommodation, travel expenses and a scholarship stipend to enable them to take part.

Whilst the 2019 Nuffield Undergraduate Scholars Institute focused on solely the social sciences, the UNIQ+ programme takes in participants from across the University’s subject areas. Of the ten students hosted at Nuffield College, nine will be undertaking research with Nuffield Fellows and postdocs.

Senior Tutor Eleni Kechagia-Ovseiko commented:

“We are thrilled to be hosting in person again ten bright undergraduates from underrepresented backgrounds from across the UK who are aspiring to undertake graduate study in the social sciences. I truly hope that our UNIQ+ students will have an exciting time working with our Fellows at Nuffield over the summer and that their experience here will inspire them to pursue social sciences research in the future”.