Discussing ‘The Global Fight Against LGBTI Rights’

04 Jun 24

Discussing ‘The Global Fight Against LGBTI Rights’

Professor Philip Ayoub (UCL) talked to Nuffield Fellow Tarik Abou-Chadi about his new book in the run-up to Pride Month.

In the run-up to Pride Month, Professor Phillip Ayoub (University College, London) joined an audience of College members to discuss his new book with Kristina Stoeckl, The Global Fight Against LGBTI Rights: How Transnational Conservative Networks Target Sexual and Gender Minorities.

In conversation with Nuffield Fellow Professor Tarik Abou-Chadi, Phillip spoke about the cross-national networks campaigning against LGBTI rights; how they intersect with nationalist and religious movements; and the complex interplay between progress and movements to diminish minority rights.

Taking questions from the room, Phillip also spoke about the experience of research as an LGBTI academic, and how meaningful dialogue between academics and activists can benefit both groups.

The audience of Nuffield students, academics and staff hugely appreciated Phillip’s thoughtful and fascinating explanations of his work, and we are very grateful to Tarik for organising and hosting the event.

Pictured above right: Professors Tarik Abou-Chadi (left) and Phillip Ayoub (right) in conversation about Phillip’s book, The Global Fight Against LGBTI Rights.