Future of Climate Econometrics project joins Nuffield

15 Oct 18

Future of Climate Econometrics project joins Nuffield

The grant from the Robertson Foundation kicks off an exciting new phase for the Climate Econometrics project. With support from Nuffield, the project team officially joins the College ranks from October 2018 onwards.

On this new phase under the College’s auspices, the project's Director Professor Sir David Hendry commented:

“The support offered by the College and the Robertson Foundation is invaluable. The team are looking forward to being more integrated within the wider College community and continuing to expand their research and their network.”

The Climate Econometrics project works on developing and applying econometric methods to better understand human impacts on climate change and vice versa. A crucial element of this work involves building better international knowledge exchange networks between climate scientists, economists and policymakers.

Thanks to this new opportunity, the Climate Econometrics team will also be expanding, with new postdoctoral appointments planned in the near future.

The Climate Econometrics project is supported by the Robertson Foundation and Nuffield College.