Immigration, Nativism & Changing Politics

15 Feb 18

Immigration, Nativism & Changing Politics

Official Fellow and Director of CESS, Professor Raymond Duch, joins panel of experts at "Immigration, Nativism & Changing Politics" Seminar in U.S.

Official Fellow of Nuffield College and Director of the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS), Professor Raymond Duch, joined panellists on Monday at the “Immigration, Nativism & Changing Politics” seminar, which was held at the G.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Texas, U.S.A.

The panel, comprised of political experts including Daron Shaw (Professor, Department of Government, University of Texas at Austin), Kyle Kondik (Director of Communications and Managing Editor of “Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball” at the Centre for Politics, University of Virginia), Martial Foucault (Professor of Political Sciences, Sciences Po, and and Director of the CEVIPOF (CNRS)) and Chris Garman (MD of the Americas at the Eurasia Group), discussed the current trend towards nativism, its relationship with immigration, and its influences on politics and policy throughout the world.

Professor Duch, who was in Texas to present at the “Immigration, Nativism & Changing Politics” conference at Texas A&M University, said that in many countries the state’s failure to address the serious economic plight of average working-class voters in the wake of global economic change could be blamed for current nativist sentiments, but that the nativist sentiment expressed by Trump and his supporters in the U.S. was very different from the immigration concerns expressed by Leave voters in the U.K. Brexit referendum. Professor Duch also noted that, while immigration concerns have transformed the political landscape in many European countries, such as France, Germany, Austria, and Sweden, the traditional U.K. party system seems to have weathered the storm.

Read the full summary of the event here.

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