Jane Green at Labour Conference in Liverpool

30 Sept 22

Jane Green at Labour Conference in Liverpool

Electoral risks around economic insecurity in Britain.

Professor Jane Green, Director of the Nuffield Politics Research Centre, attended the Labour Conference in Liverpool, 26-27 September 2022.

Professor Green, said:

"As an economic crisis engulfed the government, as people become poorer and face a very difficult winter, my message to the Labour Party was that this could now be a major electoral turning point. People who feel more economically insecure are turning away from the Conservatives and towards Labour, and it is critical if the Conservatives lose a reputation for economic competence. A great deal has changed in British electoral politics in recent years, which still brings uncertainty. It feels like we may be now witnessing a pivotal moment, with the political and ideological transformation of the Conservatives and the steady readiness of Labour to form a government."  

Professor Green took part in two panel discussions during the conference:

In addition, Professor Green offered expert comment on her analysis of the British Election Study and the electoral risks around increasing economic insecurity in Britain.

Please listen/watch the discussion on BBC Radio 4: The World at One (c.40 mins), BBC Politics Live (panellist providing comment throughout the programme until 16:30), Podcast: OppositionCast (from 11:35 – 14:15), The Economist – What British people think about economic growth.

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