Open Doors 2022

20 Sept 22

Open Doors 2022

Nuffield College opened its doors to the members of the public for the return of Oxford Open Doors

Nuffield College porters unlocked the Worcester St gate to admit the 800 members of the public for the afternoon of Saturday 10 September.

Visitors to the College could see the College’s extraordinary John Piper-designed Chapel. They were also able to learn about the innovation and invention of the College’s founder, Lord Nuffield, and how the College has continued his legacy, through a display of archive material in the Dining Hall.

Those who had pre-booked were also able to join small tours of the College’s art collection with Emeritus Fellow Richard Mayou. Richard shared his extensive knowledge of the artwork on display in the SCR, JCR and Fellows’ Dining Room.

Oxford Open Doors presents an annual opportunity for the College – and other heritage buildings across the city – to welcome members of the public and invite them to see unseen parts of the city. 2022 marked the first Open Doors since 2019.

Photos: Members of the public enjoy Nuffield College grounds (top left), an exhibition on Lord Nuffield (below left) and a tour of the College’s art collection (below) during Oxford Open Doors 2022.