Steve Bond named 2018 Citation Laureate

21 Sept 18

Steve Bond named 2018 Citation Laureate

Nuffield Senior Research Fellow Stephen Bond has been recognised with colleague and Professor of Econometrics at CEMFI in Madrid Manuel Arellano (Research Fellow 1985-89; Associate Member 2008-17) for contributions to panel data analysis, especially the Arellano-Bond estimator.

The Arellano-Bond estimator exploits time patterns in panel data to estimate the economic response to changes in policy or other variables, whilst also controlling for permanent unobserved confounding variation.

The Citation Laureates are awarded by Clarivate Analytics to recognise exceptional citation records which shows research at a level of influence comparable to Nobel Prize winners. Since the Laureates were first named in 2002, 46 recipients have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

On receiving the award, Steve commented that “It is very pleasing for our small contribution to the development of empirical research methods to be recognised in this way, and a great honour to join the distinguished list of Clarivate Citation Laureates.”

Steve and Manuel join 15 other Citation Laureates this year in the fields of Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Economics. Previous Laureates include Nuffield Fellows David Hendry and the late Tony Atkinson, Honorary Fellows Martin Feldstein (DPhil Economics 1963) and Jerry Hausman (DPhil Economics 1972), former Fellows Philippe Aghion (1992-96) and Jagdish Bhagwati (DPhil Social Studies 1957; Research Fellow 1960-62).

More information about the 2018 Citation Laureates can be found through the Clarivate Analytics website.