Coping with labour market shocks

14 November 2020

Nuffield Fellow Hamish Low expands on his previous work with the Understanding Society COVID-19 Study with coauthors Thomas Crossley and Paul Fisher.

In this paper, Thomas, Paul and Hamish identify those groups most affected by economic shocks during the first wave of lockdown in the UK – those in the lowest income groups and minority ethnic groups – and study their coping strategies, such as borrowing and transfers from family and friends. These vary substantially across groups, so the implications are very different for different households.

(Thomas Crossley, Paul Fisher and Hamish Low, ‘The Heterogeneous and Regressive Consequences of COVID-19: Evidence from High-Quality Panel Data’. Published in Journal of Public Economics 2021(193): 104334, doi:10.1016/j.jpubeco.2020.104334)