Estimating excess deaths and COVID-19's impact on life expectancy

19 January 2021

This paper estimates the impact of COVID-19 on mortality rates and life expectancy in England and Wales, coauthored by Nuffield Fellows Jose Manuel Aburto, Ridhi Kashyap, John Ermisch, Melinda Mills and colleagues, including Associate Member Jennifer Beam Dowd.

The research and an interview with Ridhi was featured on the University's news pages ('63,000 extra deaths and a year off life expectancy: COVID in 2020 in England & Wales', 27 January 2021). It was also covered in the national press, including an interview with Ridhi in The Guardian ('Covid has "cut life expectancy in England and Wales by a year"', 10 December 2020) and The Times.

(Jose Manuel Aburto, Ridhi Kashyap, Jonas Scholey, Colin Angus, John Ermisch, Melinda Mills and Jennifer Beam Dowd, 'Estimating the burden of COVID-19 on mortality, life expectancy and lifespan inequality in England and Wales: A population-level analysis'. Published in Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health,