Social network-based distancing strategies to flatten the curve post-lockdown

4 June 2020

Nuffield Associate members alongside current Fellows Charles Rahal, Ridhi Kashyap and Melinda Mills examine the efficacy of three different distancing strategies using social networks in 'keeping the curve' of coronavirus deaths and infections flat.

The paper was covered on the University of Oxford's website. Models examined in the paper - including results and graphs - were featured in a piece by UK Parliament Post on 'Light switches and clusters: social distancing strategies for COVID-19' (7 May 2020).

(Per Block, Marion Hoffman, Isabel J. Raabe, Jennifer Beam Dowd, Charles Rahal, Ridhi Kashyap, Melinda C. Mills, 'Social network-based distancing strategies to flatten the COVID 19 curve in a post-lockdown world', 4 June 2020. Published in Nature Human Behaviour (2020) doi: 10.1038/s41562-020-0898-6)