Tackling COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

2 June 2021

Professorial Fellow Melinda Mills joins co-authors to outline the ‘five Cs’ needed to tackle vaccine hesitancy. These are Confidence (the importance, safety and efficacy of vaccines), Complacency (perception of low risk and low disease severity), Convenience (access issues dependent on the context, time and specific vaccine being offered), Communications (sources of information), and Context (sociodemographic characteristics).

The five C's were featured in an article for The Washington Newsday ('As the vaccination is given out to younger populations, there is a call to combat complacency', 6 June 2021).​

(Mohammad Razai et al. and Melinda Mills, ‘COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: the five Cs to tackle behavioural and sociodemographic factors’. Published in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 114(6):295-298, doi: 10.1177/01410768211018951)