A Millennium of Macroeconomic Data

Principal Investigator: Stephen Broadberry

Stephen Broadberry was the Principle Investigator on a Leverhulme Trust funded project "Reconstructing the National Income of Britain and Holland, c. 1270/1500 to 1850", and is now responsible for a database hosted on the Bank of England website, with British data reaching back on an annual basis to 1270 and linking to a benchmark estimate for 1086, based on the Domesday Book.

The pre-1700 data was incorporated in June 2017 and the Millennium of Macroeconomic Data now constitutes a separate database on the Bank's webpage. The dataset contains a broad set of macroeconomic and financial data for the UK stretching back in some cases to the C13th and with one or two benchmark estimates available for 1086, the year of the Domesday Book. The dataset was originally called the 'Three centuries of macroeconomic data' spreadsheet but has now been renamed given its broader coverage. 

Funded by: Leverhulme Trust