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Giuliano Formisano

DPhil in Social Data Science

I am a PhD Candidate in Social Data Science at the Oxford Internet InstituteUniversity of Oxford, as an ESRC Scholar.

My research focuses on computational text analysis and political polarisation, using machine learning, natural language processing, network analysis, and time-series.

Alongside my PhD, I collaborate with Oxford’s International Development Institute and Department of Politics and International Relations, as well as Science Po’s Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics.

Previously, I completed an MPhil in Politics (Oxford, 2021) and a BA in Politics and International Relations (Exeter, 2019).

Giuliano Formisano


  • Friedrichs, J.*, Stoehr, N.*, Formisano, G.* (2022) Fear-Anger Contests: Governmental and Populist Politics of Emotion. Online Social Networks and Media, 32, pp. 1-13.


    *Authors have equally contributed.