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Jan O Jonsson

Official Fellow
Professor of Sociology

Research Interests: Social stratification.

My main research area is social stratification, such as studies of intergenerational processes and inequality in opportunity and in living conditions. ​Social mobility and the class structure, educational inequality, poverty, family, ethnic inequality and integration, as well as children's wellbeing are my fields of my interest. Since 1998 I am the director of the Swedish level of living survey, and since 2009 the Swedish PI for the international study CILS4EU, on ethnic integration of young people.

Jan O Jonsson I

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F. Kalter, J.O. Jonsson, F. van Tubergen, and A.F. Heath (eds.). 2018. Growing Up in Diverse Societies: The Integration of the Children of Immigrants in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Oxford: Oxford University Press for the British Academy. ISBN 978-0-19-7266-37-3.

P. Gregg, J.O. Jonsson, L. Macmillan, and C. Mood. 2017. 'The role of education for intergenerational income mobility in the US, Great Britain, and Sweden.Social Forces 96 (1): 121-152. (DOI 10.1093/sf/sox051)

C. Mood, J.O. Jonsson, and S.B. Låftman. 2017. 'Immigrant youth’s mental health advantage: The role of family structure and relations.Journal of Marriage and Family 79 (April): 419-436. (DOI:10.1111/jomf.12340)

Jackson, M., Jonsson, J.O., and F. Rudolphi. 2012. “Ethnic Inequality and Choice-Driven Educational Systems: A Longitudinal Study of Performance and Choice in England and Sweden.” Sociology of Education 85: 158-178.

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R. Erikson and J.O. Jonsson (eds.): Can Education Be Equalized? The Swedish Case in Comparative Perspective. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press.

A full list of publications can be found on my research page.