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Kenneth Macdonald

Emeritus Fellow

Research Interests: The mapping between quantitative analyses and substantive, theoretical, statements. Also theoretical puzzles in the normative assessment of actions over time. Also the correct reading of Adam Smith on the poor (he is not an egalitarian - see the 'Research Projects' link)

Kenneth Macdonald


 ‘Did British sociology begin with the Scottish Enlightenment?’ p37-69 in Panayotova, P (ed.) (2019) The History of Sociology in Britain: New Research and Revaluation  Palgrave Macmillan

 ‘Of Shame and Poverty; and on Misreading Sen and Adam Smith’. Adam Smith Review, 11, 111–262   2019

 ‘Family Investments in Children: What the Interactions and the Data Do Not Say 2011 European Sociological Review 27:281-286

‘Russia and Youth Crime: A Comparative Study of Attitudes and their Implications’
  (with M McAuley) British Journal of Criminology 47:2-22  2007