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Martin Gädecke

DPhil in Sociology

I'm Martin Gädecke, a DPhil Student in Sociology at Nuffield College and the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford. Holding a Master's degree in Social Sciences from Humboldt University Berlin, I've developed expertise in using quantitative methods to delve into the intricate dynamics of fertility intentions and life course trajectories.

My research focuses on understanding the nuanced interplay between occupational prestige, gender, and fertility intentions. In my first dissertation chapter "From Planning to Parenthood: Occupational Prestige, Fertility Intentions and Realisation in Australia from a Life Course Perspective", I delve into the gendered differences in the effects of occupational prestige on fertility intentions and their realisation in Australia. I aim to uncover how occupational prestige influences individuals' future prospects and therefore the desires for parenthood and the subsequent realisation of these intentions over the life course.

Beyond academia, I have a passion for photography and finding joy in capturing moments. Additionally, I'm actively engaged in Nuffield College's community as a member of the social secretary team, where I contribute to organising events and strengthening our community.

Martin Gädecke I

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