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Meg Meyer

Official Fellow in Economics

Research Interests: Organizational economics; incentives and contracts; information transmission; industrial organization.

Ph.D., Stanford University (1986)

Official Fellow in Economics, Nuffield College, Oxford University.

Meg Meyer


(with Bruno Strulovici), 'Increasing Interdependence in Multivariate Distributions', Journal of Economic Theory,  147:1460-1489, 2012. 

(with John Vickers), 'Performance Comparisons and Dynamic Incentives', Journal of Political Economy, 105(3): pp.547-581, 1997. 

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'Learning from Coarse Information: Biased Contests and Career Profiles', Review of Economic Studies, 58:15-41, 1991. 

(with Paul Klemperer) 'Supply Function Equilibria in Oligopoly under Uncertainty', Econometrica, 57(6):1243-1277, 1989.