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Noah Bacine

Postdoctoral Research Officer, CESS / FLAME

Noah has been a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) since August 2019. His primary duties include coordinating activities at CESS-Nuffield and the further development of the CESS-India initiative based at FLAME University in Pune. Prior to this post, he received his BA (honors) from Colgate University in 2013 and his PhD from Texas A&M University in 2019.

Noah specializes in experimental and behavioral economics with a focus on the importance of identity in forming behavior. He uses experimental methods to study how these behavioral differences manifest and contribute to disparity in economic outcomes across social groups. His current research contributes to our understanding of in-group bias in trust, the effect of social norms, and the relevance of multiple identities in decision making. He is currently working on projects which harness the multi-center laboratory network established by CESS to understand and predict the impact of cultural norms on behavior.

Noah Bacine