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Sonja Vogt

Research Fellow
Senior Research Officer, CESS

Research Interests: How social influence and social information affect changes in behavior, with a special focus on health, gender, and child well-being in developing countries.

Sonja is also affiliated with the Center for Child Well-Being and Development at the University of Zurich and the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford. 

Sonja Vogt


A list of Sonja’s publications may be found at her Personal Website. Some of her selected recent publications are shown below:

(with Efferson, C.), Behavioural homogenisation with spillovers in a normative domain, Proceedings of the Royal Society B. (forthcoming).

(with Efferson, C., and Fehr, E), 'The risk of female genital cutting in Europe: Comparing immigrant attitudes toward uncut girls with attitudes in a practicing country', Social Science Medicine – Population Health, 3:283-93, 2017.

(with Zaid, N.A.M, Ahmed, H.E.F., Fehr, E., and Efferson, C.), 'Changing cultural attitudes on female genital cutting', Nature, 538(7726): 506-9, 2016.

(with Efferson, C., Elhadi, A., Ahmed, H.E.F., and Fehr, E.), 'Female genital cutting is not a social coordination norm', Science, 349: 1446-7, 2015.