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Zack Grant

Postdoctoral Researcher, Nuffield Politics Research Centre

Research Interests: Social class and inequality; families and intergenerational resource distribution; environmentalism and Green parties; party competition and elections.

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher based in the Nuffield Politics Research Centre at the University of Oxford. I research the determination of public preferences regarding inequality, the welfare state, immigration, and the environment in Britain and other advanced democracies through the analysis of quantitative survey and contextual data.

Zack Grant


Peer Reviewed Articles

Grant, Zack P.  2021. ‘Crisis and Convergence: How the Combination of a Weak Economy and Main-stream Party Ideological De-Polarisation Fuels Anti-System Support’. Comparative Political Studies 54 (7): 1256-1291. DOI:

Grant, Zack P. and James Tilley. 2019. ‘Fertile Soil: Explaining Variation in the Success of Green Par-ties’. West European Politics 42 (3): 495-516. DOI:

Working Papers

Grant, Zack P. and James Tilley. 2021. ‘The Asymmetric Effects of Depolarisation: Why the Centre-Left May Have More to Lose from Ideological Convergence than the Centre-Right’.

Grant, Zack P. and Geoffrey Evans. 2021. ‘Identity Politics and Representing the White WorkingClass - Is There a Trade-Off? Evidence from the British Election Study’.