Students and Post-Docs

Current Doctoral Students

Jess Milligan. Jess works on subjective well-being. She is in her third year of doctoral work.

Merrilyn Groom. Merrilyn works on mental accounting and also has some new work on gender and the labour supply of children. She is in her third year of doctoral work.

Sam Altmann. Sam works on the empirical analysis of auctions, in general, and in particular on the Feeding America auction model.

Emily Oehlsen. Emily has just started her doctoral work. She is the Atkinson Scholar at the Global Priorities Institute.

Recent Doctoral Students

Daniel Kaliski. Daniel went on the junior job market in autumn 2018 and defended his thesis in August 2019. He took up a lectureship at Birkbeck in September 2019.

Josh Lanier. Josh defended his thesis in June 2018. He is a post-doc at ECARES, Université de Libre Bruxelles.

Eileen Tipoe. Eileen completed her doctorate in July 2017. She is currently a Career Development Fellow at Mansfield College, University of Oxford. Eileen is moving to Queen Mary University of London in September 2020.

Abi Adams. Abi completed in 2013. Having been a post-doc at Yale she is now a valued colleague.



I am Director of the MPhil in Economics.

I currently teach postgraduate Microeconomic Theory and undergraduate Probability & Statistics.