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Research Interests

I have wide interests in the field of political theory. Although in the past I have done some work in the history of political thought, my research is now focussed on issues in contemporary political theory and philosophy. These include: theories of justice and equality; democratic theory; the concepts of nationality and citizenship; multiculturalism and immigration; and global justice. I have recently been involved in co-editing two books that are due to appear in late 2019.  One collects articles by philosophers on the moral and political issues posed by the refugee crisis.  The other is multidisciplinary and brings together political philosophers, political scientists and political psychologists to explore liberal nationalist claims about the beneficial effects of national identities.  I will also shortly publish a short book defending political self-determination in the face of current scepticism about that idea.


Current Research Projects

In the immediate future, I am planning a second edition of Political Philosophy: a Very Short Introduction.  I also want to continue developing evidence-based political philosophy, with a renewed focus on questions of social justice.

Research Students

Collis Tahzib (jointly with McMahan)

Henrik Dahlquist (jointly with Stemplowska)

Pietro Intropi

Ian Carrol

Ruby Shao

Clare Cai (Nuffield College Supervisor)

Recent and Forthcoming Publications



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For publications prior to 2015, please consult my c.v.