Connecting to Eduroam

Connecting to Eduroam for the first time (Oxford University users)

The Eduroam wireless service allows you to use your Oxford University Remote Access account username and password to connect to wireless networks at locations throughout Oxford University, and at other participating organisations.

Visitors to Oxford from participating Universities may connect using their account details from their home institution.

Please note the information below, then see the dedicated IT Services configuration pages for Eduroam.  

Oxford University users:

  • You should first enable and then remember the password for your (central IT Services) Remote Access account.
  • Your username should always be suffixed with @OX.AC.UK if you are connecting using your Oxford University Remote Access account (e.g. nuff9999@OX.AC.UK). Failure to add the suffix will result in connection failure when you are away from Oxford or visiting other Eduroam organisations (called 'roaming').
  • Members of Nuffield College: the Eduroam service does not allow you access to some College services such as file servers, printing and the terminal servers. For these purposes you may need to use Nuffield-NET.

Oxford users troubleshooting:  Don't know if it's the password which is stopping you connecting?  You can test the password by going to (to get to that page you'll need your Oxford SSO credentials, as you do to get to your email).  At that page you'll see "Test your eduroam password".

Users from other participating Eduroam institutions:  If you are visiting and wish to connect using your account from your home institution, this should have the correct suffix as advised by your IT department.