Leaving Nuffield

Before you leave Nuffield, please let the IT Department know as soon as possible, so that we can advise you of any computing arrangements you need to make.

Your Files

Your files will remain on the Nuffield servers for two months after you have left, before deletion. If you wish, we can advise/assist you with other methods of moving your files to another computer.

If you wish to leave data with the College, this must be logged and transferred to a new owner.

Web Pages

If we do not receive any instruction from you, Nuffield hosted webpages will remain on our web server for two months after you have left, after which they will be deleted.

Computing equipment

It is College policy for all Nuffield owned computing equipment to be returned to IT.  Please ensure that you have cleaned and/or copied data as necessary and that equipment is returned before you depart.

Online payment

If you have any outstanding bills to pay to the College please ensure that this is done as soon as possible as your login access to the payment portal may expire.


Nuffield IT can help you preserve any email you may need.  You may also need to pass on the ownership of any shared mailboxes (e.g. project_enquiries@nuffield.ox.ac.uk) to someone else before you leave.  Your mailbox should be deleted around two months after your University Card is expired.

Your Nuffield email address will remain active for as long as you have a valid college affiliation on your University card. Once lapsed, email will continue to be delivered to your mailbox during the two month pre-delete period.

Email access is provided by University IT services, but governed by the University card office, which we are unable to influence. We therefore recommend that you start informing people of your new email address as soon as possible, such as by setting up an 'Automatic reply' in Outlook.

If your status at Nuffield changes, but you are still entitled to a Nuffield email address, renewal of your card within the pre-deletion period will ensure your email will continue, unaffected.

Further information, including requests for alumni email addresses, can be found at: https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/finishing-it-use-at-oxford

If retiring, several card options are available to you, if eligible.

Leaving Members with access to shared mailboxes

In the event of a member of staff leaving Nuffield, it is imperative that any access is removed from shared mailboxes at the point of leaving. The IT department can do this on your behalf (if notified), or please email registration@it.ox.ac.uk stating the user and mailbox account ID (SSO).

We also encourage staff members to move any appropriate mail from their personal mailbox to a shared mailbox, before leaving.

Backing up email

Information for using email clients to transfer or copy folders from Nexus to local folders on your own computer can be found under the headings Email Clients and Other Email Clients at: http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/nexus/email/clients

See also: how to Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file.

Licences and privileged access to resources

As a member of College (or of the University) you may have been able to install software on personal devices.  Similarly, you may also have access to services provided via the Internet.  Regarding the former, you may be in breach of the licence if you continue to use the software after you have left College.  For the latter, you may hold a username and password with an account for which the original agreement was that, should you leave (the College, University, higher education etc.), your account should be closed.  Please ensure that any such stipulations are respected after you depart College.

Leavers checklist

There are a many items you need to remember before you leave.  Please email IT for a checklist.  You may need to hand the checklist to a line manager before you depart.