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Politics Group

Politics at Nuffield spans the field of political science, in its broadest sense. Fellows and students work on topics in comparative politics, comparative political economy, electoral politics and political sociology, political history, foreign policy and international relations. The College is particularly well represented in the politics of Britain, the United States, Latin America and Europe (including the EU), but students in the Politics Group are engaged in research on many other areas, including India, South-East Asia, and Africa. There is also a strong political theory group, whose members work on a range of historical, contemporary and international questions. The College has a particular strength in the statistical analysis of social science data sets, where students in Politics often collaborate with fellows in neighbouring disciplines.

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Chair: Desmond King

Administrator: Sarah Milne Das  

Admissions: Senior Tutor




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Ben Ansell​  Democratisation, politics of education, politics of housing,
redistribution, models of political economy.

Nancy Bermeo  Comparative regime change, institutional design, social movements, economic development, political violence.
John Darwin  The history of European imperialisms: the British empire circa 1880-1970. The history and politics of decolonisation. 
Ray Duch  Quantative methods, comparative political economic, public opinion research, and democratization. 
Andrew Eggers Electoral systems, corruption/accountability, the relationship between money and politics, and political development in the U.S., Britain, and France.  
Geoff Evans  Social divisions, especially those involving inequality, ideology and values, and political parties and representation
Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos Comparative judicial politics, public law and strategic litigation, with a regional focus on Latin America.

Desmond King  Comparative Government and American Politics. Comparative public policy; democratization; immigration; politics of social research. 

Cécile Laborde republicanism, liberalism and religion, theories of law and the state, and global justice.
Iain McLean  Applications of rational choice theory to politicians, bureaucrats and voters. Apportionment and redistribution. UK politics. 
David Miller Political theory. Contemporary political theory, justice and equality, market economy ethics, nationality and citizenship.
Bo Rothstein Comparative quality of government institutions, social capital and social dilemmas, and political corruption.

David Rueda  Comparative political economy, welfare state, labour market policy.

Gwendolyn Sasse  Post-Communist Transitions, Comparative Democratisation, Ethnic Conflicts; Minority Rights; Migration, EU Eastern Enlargement
Duncan Snidal  International relations theory, institutional organizations, cooperation, international law, rational choice.
Laurence Whitehead  International aspects of democratisation, the relationship between democratisation and economic liberalisation. Main focus: Latin America.

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