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​Sociology Group

Nuffield College has the largest number of sociologists of any college in Oxford, including the two University Chairs in Sociology.  The Sociology Group at Nuffield lies at the heart of Sociology in Oxford.  In addition to sociologists, the Sociology Group in Nuffield includes social statisticians, demographers, and social historians.  The principal specialities of the Nuffield sociologists are medical sociology, political sociology, social networks, social stratification, the sociology of labour markets, family sociology, pro-social behaviour, and sociology of religion.  The group is particularly strong in the development and empirical testing of middle-range social-science theories.

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Chair: Christiaan Monden

Administrator: Sarah Milne Das

Admissions: Senior Tutor




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 Group members



Francesco Billari  Demography; life course; family and fertility; comparative social research; social statistics; agent-based modelling.

Richard Breen Methods; Social Stratification; Inequality; Quantative Methods; Theory.

Erzsébet Bukodi  Social mobility, educational inequalities, life-course research, transition to adulthood, cross-national comparative research.
Nan Dirk de Graaf  Political sociology; Class, educational attainment & health; Cultural sociology; Religion and secularization; Pro-social behaviour.
Geoff Evans  Political sociology: class, inequality, & politics; measuring social attitudes & perceptions; ethno-political divisions; transitions to democracy. 

Ray Fitzpatrick  Medical sociology. Interests include the evaluation of health care, the measurement of patient satisfaction, health status and quality of life. 
Diego Gambetta Analytical Sociology, Mafias, Signalling Theory and Applications, Trust and Mimicry, Violent Extremists.
David Kirk Urban Sociology; Criminology

Jan O. Jonsson  Social stratification in general; educational inequality; social mobility; ethnic inequality and integration; poverty; child wellbeing.
Colin Mills  Social inequality, social mobility, social demography, historical social mobility, social measurement.
Melinda Mills Partnerships, life course research, globalization, multistate and event history methods.
Christiaan Monden  Family sociology; social demography; social inequalities; social variations in health and mortality.


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