Second public consultation for Oxpens site

08 Nov 21

Second public consultation for Oxpens site

Nuffield and its OxWED joint venture partner, Oxford City Council, are sharing the developing master plan for ‘Oxpens’ in its second public consultation, which builds on the feedback given in the first consultation in July. Following this consultation, the plans for the Oxpens site will be finalised and submitted for planning in early 2022.

The OxPens site will become a sustainable mixed-use neighbourhood, with a diverse mix of city centre homes, workspace, hotels and restaurants, shops and cafes. The new neighbourhood will be built around the principles of connectivity and make key steps towards a low carbon future. The central role of sustainability in the Oxpens development was strongly supported in the first phase of consultation, and the designs have been carefully progressed to promote biodiversity and to manage the Oxpens flood plain intelligently. 

The Warden, Andrew Dilnot, commented that:

“The redevelopment of Oxpens presents an almost unique opportunity to create a whole new city centre quarter that will enhance Oxford’s public realm and boost economic growth while at the same time providing badly needed new housing and employment opportunities. It is an exciting moment to be sharing these more detailed plans with the community, and we look forward to their views as the OxWED team moves towards finalising the masterplan.”

To find out more about the updated proposals, the consultation, and how you can participate, visit The closing date for submitting responses is 30 November 2021.