2012 Papers

2012-01 (28 April 2012) Mark Beissinger and Gwendolyn Sasse,
An End to “Patience”? The Great Recession and Economic Protest in Eastern Europes.

2011 Papers

2011-08 (5 December 2011) Jonathan Mellon, Examining Survey Translation Validity using Corpus Linguistics.
2011-05 (15 March 2011) Marc Guinjoan and Toni Rodon, Beyond Identities: Support for decentralisation across regions in Spain.
2011-04 (28 February 2011) Heike Klüver, Lobbying in coalitions: Interest group infl uence on European Union policy-making. (published in the Journal of European Public Policy, 2012)
2011-02 (16 February 2011) David Miller, The idea of global citizenship.

2010 Papers

2010-05 (19 August 2010) Laurence Whitehead, Biology, Politics and Democracy.
2010-03 (2 July 2010) Francesc Amat and Albert Falcó-Gimeno, Legislative Bargaining and Decentralization: Evidence for 15 OECD Parliamentary Democracies.
2010-01 (25 March 2010) Iain McLean, Calman and Holtham: The Public Finance of Devolution.

2009 Papers

2009-03 (27 March 2009) Christopher Wleizen and Stuart Soroka, Inequality in Policy Responsiveness?
2009-01 (01 March 2009) Maria Sobolewska,
The Competing Influences of Party Identity and Ethnic Identity on Political Perceptions in Britain: A Social Identity Theory of Partisan Bias.

2008 Papers

2008-04 (18 September 2008) Scott Moser, Scoring Methods and Banks Stability.
2008-W1 (05 April 2008) Iain McLean, André Blais, James C. Garand and Micheal Giles Comparative journal rankings: a survey report. 

2007 Papers

2007-W9 (05 December 2007) Robert A. Ritz Influencing rent-seeking contests . A slightly revised version is published in Public Choice, vol. 135, June 2008, pp. 291-300.
2007-W8 (05 November 2007) Gilles Serra Why Primaries? The Party's Tradeoff between Policy and Valence. 
2007-W6 (12 September 2007) Iain McLean Adam Smith at the Constitutional Convention. 
2007-W1 (23 March 2007) Iain McLean and Alistair McMillan Professor Dicey's Contradictions. Now available in Public Law , Issue 3, 2007, pp. 435-43

2006 Papers

2006-W15 (31 October 2006) Iain McLean Aberfan: No end of a lesson . A newer version is published in and available from History and Policy .
2006-W14 (18 October 2006) Iain McLean Review Article: In Riker's Footsteps .Updated 17.09.2007.
2006-W13 (16 October 2006) Raymond M. Duch and Randy Stevenson Competency Signals in a Crowded Political Context . [Revised 16 January 2007].
2006-W12 (25 September 2006) Iain McLean and Haidee Lorrey Voting in the Medieval Papacy and Religious Orders.
2006-W11 (20 September 2006) Mark Pickup and Richard Johnston
Campaign Trial Heats as Election Forecasts: Evidence from the 2004 and 2006 Canadian Federal Elections.
2006-W10 (15 September 2006) Elisabeth Ivarsflaten
Reputational Shields: Why most anti-immigrant parties failed in Western Europe, 1980-2005.
2006-W9 (15 September 2006) Elisabeth Ivarsflaten Populists in Power: Attitudes towards immigrants after the Austrian Freedom Party entered government. Forthcoming in New Parties in Government, Kris Deschouwer and Paul Lucardie, eds., London: Routledge.
2006-W8 (12 September 2006) Oisin Tansey Process Tracing and Elite Interviewing: A Case for Non-probability Sampling . A revised version is now published in PS: Political Science and Politics, Vol.40, No.4, October 2007.
2006-W7 (21 July 2006) Avia Pasternak Sanctioning Liberal Democracies.
2006-W6 (26 June 2006) Margit Tavits and John Duffy Beliefs and Voting Decisions: A Test of the Pivotal Voter Model.
2006-W5 (12 April 2006) Jane Green and Sara Binzer Hobolt Owning the Issue Agenda: Party Strategies in the 2001 and 2005 British Election Campaigns.
2006-W4 (31 March 2006) Elisabeth Ivarsflaten What Unites Right-Wing Populists in Western Europe? Re-examining grievance mobilization models in seven successful cases. Forthcoming in Comparative Political Studies. [Revised 15 September 2006].
2006-W3 (30 March 2006) Mark Pickup and Richard Johnston Measurement Error and House Bias in 2004 Presidential Campaign Polls.
2006-W2 (9 March 2006) Sara Binzer Hobolt and Robert Klemmensen
Government Responsiveness in Words and Actions: Policy Promises and Public Spending in Comparative Perspective.
2006-W1 (27 February 2006) Iain McLean and Arthur Spirling The rights and wrongs of roll-calls.

2005 Papers

2005-W18 (15 December 2005) Iain McLean How local government should be funded.
2005-W17 (12 December 2005) Iain McLean
Barnett and the West Lothian Question: no nearer to solutions than when the Devolution Programme started.
2005-W16 (11 October 2005) Mark Andreas Kayser and Christopher Wlezien
Performance Pressure: Patterns of Partisanship and the Economic Vote.
2005-W15 (31 August 2005) Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien Are Political Markets Really Superior to Polls as Election Predictors?.
2005-W14 (10 July 2005) Iain McLean Adam Smith and the modern Left.
2005-W12 (23 June 2005) Christopher Wlezien and Pippa Norris "Whether the campaign mattered and how". Published in Parliamentary Affairs (2005) vol. 58: pp. 871-888; and as part of Pippa Norris and Christopher Wlezien, eds. (2005), Britain Votes, Oxford University Press.
2005-W11 (17 June 2005) Iain McLean and Jennifer Nou "Why Should We Be Beggars with the Ballot in Our Hand? Veto Players and the Failure of Land Value Taxation in the UK 1909-1914." Published in the British Journal of Political Science 36(4), Oct2006, pp. 575-91.
2005-W10 (20 May 2005) Natalia Letki Does Diversity Erode Social Cohesion? Social Capital and Race in British Neighbourhoods . [Revised January 2007. Forthcoming in the Political Studies].
2005-W9 (12 April 2005) Iain McLean The English Regions after Regionalism.
2005-W6 (12 April 2005) Luke Keele Difficult Choices: An Evaluation of Heterogenous Choice Models.
2005-W3 (24 March 2005) Margit Tavits Causes of Corruption: Testing Competing Hypotheses.
2005-W2 (9 February 2005) Erik Eyster and Thomas Kittsteiner Party Platforms in Electoral competition with Many Constituencies.

2005-W1 (24 January 2005) Christopher Wlezien and Robert S. Erikson The Horse Race: What Polls Reveal as the Election Campaign Unfolds, forthcoming in International Journal of Public Opinion Research [Revised 13 October 2005]. 

2004 Papers

2004-W15 (21 December 2004) David Miller Immigrants, Nations, and Citizenship . It has been published by Journal of Political Philosophy and it’s available online at http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1467-9760.2007.00295.x
2004-W13 (30 October 2004) Mark Andreas Kayser Trade and the Timing of Elections.
2004-W12 (12 July 2004) Matthew Ladner and Christopher Wlezien Partisan Preferences, Electoral Prospects, and Economic Expectations [Revised 25 October 2005]. Forthcoming in Comparative Political Studies.
2004-W11 (5 July 2004) Iain McLean and Neil Shephard A Program to Implement the Condorcet and Borda Rules in a Small-n Election.
2004-W10 (14 June 2004) Stuart N. Soroka and Christopher Wlezien Opinion Representation and Policy Feedback: Canada in Comparative Perspective published in the Canadian Journal of Political Science 37, pp. 531-559.
2004-W8 (6 June 2004) Iain McLean The Dimensionality of Party Ideologies.
2004-W7 (6 June 2004) Iain McLean Land Tax: Options for Reform.
2004-W6 (2 May 2004) Jose Fernandez-Albertos and Victor Lapuente Gine When Veto Players Do Not Agree or Why Democratizing the EU Might Not Be a Good Thing.
2004-W5 (10 April 2004) Stuart S. Soroka and Christopher Wlezien Public Expenditure in the UK: How Measures Matter, forthcoming in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A.
2004-W4 (6 March 2004) Berthold Rittberger The Politics of Democratic Legitimation in the European Union.
2004-W3 (9 January 2004) Roger Sewell, David MacKay and Iain McLean Probabilistic Electoral Methods, Representative Probability, and Maximum Entropy.
2004-W2 (9 January 2004) Iain McLean, Christopher Wlezien and Gavin Cameron Where Did All the Money Go? Measuring Public Expenditure in the English Regions.
2004-W1 (9 January 2004) Gavin Cameron, Iain McLean, and Christopher Wlezien, "Public Expenditure in the English Regions: Measurement Problems and (Partial) Solutions", published in The Political Quarterly 75, pp. 121-131, 2004.


2003-W18 (20 October 2003) Michael P. Colaresi and Joachim Karl Rennstich All Politics Are Orbital: Two-Level Rivarly Dynamics and the US-Soviet Space Race
2003-W17 (8 October 2003) Iain McLean Fiscal Federalism in Canada.
2003-W16 (9 September 2003) Iain McLean et al. Identifying the Flow of Domestic and European Expenditure into the English Regions (Executive Summary). The full report is available here.
2003-W15 (9 September 2003) Stuart Soroka and Christopher Wlezien Degrees of Democracy: Public Preferences and Policy in Comparative Perspective [Revised 19 April 2004]. 
2003-W14 (24 July 2003) Christian List The Voting Power Approach: A Theory of Measurement.
2003-W13 (7 July 2003) Natalia Letki, "Investigating the Roots of Civic Morality: Trust, Social Capital, and Institutional Performance." Published in Political Behavior, 2006, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 305-325.
2003-W11 (25 June 2003) Arthur Spirling "Cabinet Assembly for Beginners. A Model of Moral Hazard, Observability and Risk Sharing in Cabinet Organisation". Please contact the author at spln [at] mail [dot] rochester [dot] edu.
2003-W10 (14 June 2003) Christopher Wlezien,"On the Salience of Political Issues: The Problem with "Most Important Problem." Published in Electoral Studies (2005) 24(4): 555-579. 
2003-W9 (3 June 2003) Iain McLean and Arthur Spirling UK OC OK? A Note on Interpreting Optimal Classification Scoring for the United Kingdom. [Revised 27 February 2006].
2003-W7 (30 April 2003) Christopher Wlezien and Robert S. Erikson The Evolution of Electoral Preferences: What the Polls Reveal as the Campaign Unfolds.
2003-W6 (18 March 2003) Iain McLean The Reasonableness of Independence: A Conversation from Condorcet and Borda to the present day. Revised version submitted May 2007.
2003-W4 (18 March 2003) Iain McLean and Arthur Spirling None of the Above: The UK House of Commons Votes on Reforming the House of Lords. Updated version with Meg Russell published in The Political Quarterly 74, pp. 298-310, 2003. 
2003-W3 (22 January 2003) Mark Andreas Kayser, "Who Surfs, Who Manipulates? The Determinants of Opportunistic Election Timing and Electorally Motivated Economic Intervention." published in the American Political Science Review 99(1): 17-27, 2005.
2003-W2 (21 January 2003) Natalia Letki, "Socialization for Participation? Trust, Membership and Democratization in East-Central Europe", published in Political Research Quarterly 57, pp. 665-679, 2004.
2003-W1 (1 January 2003) Laurence Whitehead On Cuban Political Exceptionalism


2002-W34 (31 December 2002) Stuart Soroka Number of Responses and the Most Important Question.
2002-W32 (18 November 2002) Christian List On the Significance of the Absolute Margin.
2002-W31 (15 November 2002) Ron Johnston and Clive Payne Electoral Reform in Bermuda.
2002-W28 (18 October 2002) Iain McLean Fiscal Federalism in Australia [Revised 25 November 2002].
2002-W27 (25 September 2002) Christopher Wlezien and Robert S. Erikson Patterns of Poll Movement, published in Public Perspective , pp. 30-35, 2002.
2002-W26 (12 September 2002) Stuart N. Soroka and Christopher Wlezien "Opinion-Policy Dynamics: Public Preferences and Public Expenditure in the UK", published in the British Journal of Political Science 35, pp. 665-689, 2005.
2002-W22 (24 July 2002) Jimmy Chan and Erik Eyster Admission Impossible? Self Interest and Affirmative Action.
2002-W21 (12 July 2002) Stephen D. Fisher and Marc Swyngedouw "Electoral Change, Party Competition, and the Position of the Extreme-Right in the Flemish Party System" (please contact author).
2002-W20 (11 July 2002) Christopher Wlezien and Stuart N. Soroka "Measures and Models of Budgetary Policy", published in Policy Studies Journal 31, pp. 273-286, 2003.
2002-W18 (18 June 2002) Christian Elsholtz and Christian List A Simple Proof of Sen's Possibility Theorem on Majority Decisions.
2002-W15 (9 May 2002) Christian List Discursive Path-Dependencies.
2002-W12 (24 April 2002) David P. Myatt A New Theory of Strategic Voting [Revised 3 May 2002].
2002-W11 (8 April 2002) Christian List Multidimensional Welfare Aggregation [Revised 5 December 2002].
2002-W10 (12 March 2002) Iain McLean and Alistair McMillan The Fiscal Crisis of the United Kingdom.
2002-W9 (1 March 2002) Natalia Letki and Geoffrey Evans "Endogenizing Social Trust: Democratization in East-Central Europe", published in the British Journal of Political Science 35, pp. 515-529, 2005.
2002-W8 (20 February 2002) Clive Payne Election Forecasting in the UK.
2002-W7 (12 February 2002) Stuart N. Soroka When Does News Matter? Public Agenda-Setting for Unemployment.
2002-W5 (29 January 2002) Johannes Lindner and Berthold Rittberger The Creation, Interpretation and Contestation of Institutions - Revisiting Historical Institutionalism.
2002-W4 (28 January 2002) Stephen D. Fisher and David P. Myatt Strategic Voting Experiments.
2002-W3 (15 January 2002) Christian List A New Proposal on Special Majority Voting.
2002-W2 (15 January 2002) Iain McLean "William H. Riker and the invention of heresthetic(s)", published in British Journal of Political Science 32, pp. 535-558, 2002.
2002-W1 (15 January 2002) Christopher Wlezien "Patterns of Representation: Dynamics of Public Preferences and Policy", published in Journal of Politics 66, pp. 1-24, 2004.
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