To connect to Nuffield-NET for the first time

The Nuffield-NET wireless network is for use by anyone with a Nuffield network account. Authentication (login) is via your standard Nuffield username and password. Nuffield-NET allows you to access the internet and most College servers including file servers, printing and the terminal servers.

  1. Click or tap to see your available Wifi connections
  2. Select to join Nuffield-onboard
  3. Indicate that you already have a Nuffield network account
  4. Log in with your Nuffield username and password
  5. Copy the Wifi code displayed.  (It will also be emailed to you if you don't catch it.)
  6. Go back to see your available Wifi connections (as in #1 above)
  7. Select to join Nuffield-NET
  8. When prompted, paste in your Wifi code
  9. You should now be joined to the Nuffield-NET wifi network

The Wifi code may be re-used for all of your devices.  It is personal to you and must not be shared with others.

If the process above appears not to work for you, please see a more detailed explanation - with screen shots - on our Intranet Wifi configuration page.