Connecting to Nuffield-WLAN

The Nuffield-WLAN wireless network is for use by anyone with a Nuffield network account. Authentication (login) is via your standard Nuffield username and password. Nuffield-WLAN allows you to access the internet and most College servers including file servers, printing and the terminal servers. The steps outlined on the pages below only need to be carried out once on each machine you want to use wirelessly.

Windows users please note that instructions that refer to items in the Control Panel are given assuming that you are using the Category View (if you don't know which view you use open the Control Panel and look at the top left side of the page - if you are not currently using the Category View you will see an option to switch to it there).

Troubleshooting note

  • Mobile devices must support WPA-Enterprise.
  • Windows users for whom the above instructions are not successful, should try to download and use the Windows Nuffield-WLAN network configurator tool. This tool was created for Windows 7 but should work satisfactorily with Windows 8 and 10.